Frequently Asked Questions

1.    I see that their is a practical review course for the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board examination (oral exams) in

       Phoenix (March12&13).  What does the review course cover?

          A.  This is a comprehensive rehabilitation review course (10-hour) for those taking the oral practicals in Phoenix.  Dr.Gose has been

                teaching this review course for the past 3 years and is the only sports and rehab diplomate to teach a rehab review course.  

                This course will cover a variety of topics and will follow the protocols outlined by the ACRB.  We also will cover in detail, 

                the required reading material from Liebenson and Morris that is needed for the exam.  This course will thoroughly prepare each

                chiropractor for oral examination process, helping them to successfully obtain their diplomate status.  

               ** Please contact Dr. Gose at if you would like more information about this course**


2.    I currently have a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP) certificate.  Can those hours be used towards the DACRB?

         A:  Yes.  The American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board (ACRB) will allow CCSP's to submit their program hours to go towards the

              150-hour rehabilitation lecture requirement.  Most CCSP's will only need "50 hours of spine rehab" to complete the 150-hour

               lecture portion for the DACRB.  All CCSP's should submit their hours to the ACRB for approval.  

3.     I'm I able to use your seminars for continuing education credit?

          A:  Yes.  Any seminar that we teach can be used for continuing education credits for the state we are teaching in.


4.     My schedule will cause me to miss one class for the DACRB program.  How can I make the missed class up?

         A:  If you miss a class, it is quite easy to make up.  The ACRB has dozens of approved seminars that you can take to replace the

              missed class, thus allowing you to complete the lecture hours needed for the diplomate program.  Also, I can teach a make-up 

              class if needed and for those attendee needing just a few hours.

 5.   Do I need any additional certifications before beginning the DACRB program like a CCSP (certified chiropractic sport          


​         A:  No, you do not.  You are able to take the DACRB lecture series without any post-graduate certifications.  All you need is D.C.  

              degree to begin the series.  A CCSP can submit their hours toward the DACRB program (See Question #1).

6.     Are all of the seminars you teach on one day?

         A:  Yes.  We believe that having a one day seminar allows the doctor to still obtain continuing education without losing family time.

7.     I see where the Diplomate Series will start in August of 2017.  Is it better to take the whole series or just a few classes to   

        see if a diplomate in rehab is something I want to obtain?

        A:  Great Question!  In my opinion every chiropractor can benefit from taking the entire rehab series.  Active rehabilitation is becoming 

             the gold standard in treatment options.  I originally took the rehab course years ago with no intent of getting the DACRB.  I just

             wanted to be a better clinician and teach rehab to my patients.  After a few years I completed the program and all I can say is I'm

             glad I did.  

8.     How often will you teach the Diplomate Rehab program in Ohio?

        A:  This is something that isn't taught every year in one state.  Usually you would teach this program once every 4-5 years.

9.     I see where there are various prices and options for the 2017 Diplomate Program.  Why so many?

        A:  We have established multiple payment options depending on the physicians current situation. You can pay in full at one time or 

             you can choose to pay with each course series.  We have also created single seminars for those wanting just one or two

             courses.  The choice is yours.

10.     I am an OSCA member.  Are there discounts for OSCA member since they are sponsoring you?

        A:  Yes.  OSCA members throughout the year can obtain a discount if applicable.  Will be noted on the registration form.

11.     I am a current DACRB and just wanted to obtain some CEU's from the diplomate program.  What are the costs for me?

         A:  Current DACRB's can take any seminar for $275 if they register before the early registration deadline ends.

12.     If I cannot make a seminar due to an emergency, may I attend a future seminar at no costs?

         A:  No.  This information is located under or cancellation and refund policy located at the bottom of the registration link.

13.     Do you keep our credit card information on file after we register for a seminar?

         A:  No.  All credit card information is discarded/shrredded once final payment has been made for full tuition charges. 

14.    What does TBD mean next to the seminar location?

         A:  To Be Determined.  This only applies to the hotel where the seminar will be held.  Hotel confirmation/location will be posted as so

             soon as the information has been obtained from the host hotel.

15.    Do I have to take the Part I of the Athletic Assessment course before taking Part II?

         A:  No.  You can take them in any order but, both Part I and Part II complement each other greatly.