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    • The diplomate course is unique with multiple tuition payment options for attendees and due to the nature of this course a minimum number of registrants must be met well in advance of the first live class session.  To secure a spot in the diplomate course, tuition payment must be made in full by the deadlines of the outlined registration.  
      • Attendees paying tuition IN FULL for the entire lecture course are subject to a full refund (less transaction fees) ONLY if the seminar is cancelled by CSR Seminars.  No refunds are giving once the first live course has started.  See cancellation and refund policy* below.  
    • *Cancellation and Refunds Policy :  All cancellation notifications and refund requests must be received in writing (postmarked) or via email within 3 weeks prior to the start of the first live diplomate lecture series to receive a 50% refund of registration less any debit/credit card transaction fees.  There are no refunds if cancelled "20 days" or less prior to the start of the first live diplomate lecture seminar.  
    • Tuition for "no-shows" or "cancellations" after the first series course has started will be forfeited with no exception.  All make-up sessions will incur additional charges.  Attendees choosing single rehab seminars will adhere to the cancellation and refund policy for "All Other Courses or Single Seminars" listed below.
    • This cancellation and refund policy allows CSR Seminars to protect course enrollment and help avoid unnecessary cancellation of the rehab diplomate series. 


    • Cancellation Policy:  There is a 50% refund of registration if canceled "2 weeks" prior to the start of the seminar.  There are no refunds if canceled "13 days" or less prior to a seminar.  NO TRANSACTION FEES will be refunded if paid by debit or credit card.  This cancellation policy does not apply to those purchasing a seminar series.          
    • Seminar Policy:  CSR Seminars reserves and has the sole right to cancel or reschedule any seminar, at any time, due to any unforeseen circumstances.  If a seminars for any reason is cancelled or rescheduled, all attendees will be given credit toward a future seminar of exact or similar topics.  CSR Seminars has the right to hold an attendee's CE credit for insufficient funds or reversal of payment.  Course notes and seminar confirmation/registration will only be processed once payment has been received by CSR Seminars.  Payments made the week of a scheduled seminar may causes delays and it is advised to complete your registration early.  
    • Early Registration:  Due to the time spent by CSR Seminars organizing each course, it is highly recommended that registration be completed well before the course starting date.  CSR Seminars has created a tiered registration dates for those wanting to attend.  Standard rates apply up until 3 weeks prior to the start date of a course (unless otherwise noted) and a late registration fee is automatically applied after that date and up to the start of the program (at the door).
    • Requests:  All cancellation notifications or refund requests must be received in writing (postmarked) or via email within the cancellation policy time frame listed above.  
    • Processing of Funds:  Please be aware that processing of refunds may take up to 30 days to be processed from the date of course cancellation by the attendee.
    • Seminar Series:  No refunds are given after the first live class has started for any classes with series.  For example: If an attendee pays for 4 (four) classes in a series and then decides to only attend 1 (one) and would like to request a refund for the other 3 (three) - NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.  It is the attendee's responsibility to make sure they can attend all scheduled classes before submitting payment.  
    • Tuition for "no-shows" or "cancellations" after the first class of a series has started will be forfeited with no exception.  This cancellation and refund policy allows CSR Seminars to protect course enrollment and help avoid unnecessary cancellation of listed seminars.




Saturday - January 18, 2020      Cleveland, OH


8:00am - 8:00 pm (12 hr CE's)


Staybridge Suites

4351 Steels Point Drive

Stow, OH 

Saturday - March 7, 2020            Columbus, OH


8:00am - 8:00pm (12 hr CE's)


Staybridge Suites

9090 Lyra Drive

Columbus, OH

Oral Examination Review Course - Rehab Diplomate Board Testing For March 12 & 13 2020
A comprehensive rehabilitation review course has been created by Dr. Gose DC, DACBSP, DACRB for those taking the oral practicals on March 12 & 13 in Phoenix, AZ.  Dr. Gose is the "only sports diplomate” that teaches this rehab review course, and will cover a variety of topics needed for the sports chiropractor to prepare/pass the exam.  Dr. Gose has taught the oral examination review course for the past 3 years and has designed this course specifically for any/all chiropractors who are actively preparing to take the rehab oral examinations.  This course will follow all protocols outlined by the ACRB board, and prepare you for thoroughly for the oral exam.  

This one-day rehab review course will be held on Saturday, January 11, 2020 at the Staybridge Suites - Columbus, Ohio (Polaris). This 10-hour course will run from 9:00am - 7:00pm.  

Please contact Dr. Gose at csrseminars@yahoo.com if you are interested in attending or www.csrseminars.com for more information.