If you are not willing to learn no one can help you.  

If you are determined to learn no one can stop you.

#1.     Our Research Is Current


               Research is the "gold standard" in the sports and rehabilitation world.  The purpose of research is to inform "action" with a "purpose".  Research must be of high quality and relevance in order to produce knowledge that the clinician can implement daily.  CSR Seminars is committed to taking current research and teaching you how to translate it daily into your practice.  Research is vital to the professional chiropractic practice and it's importance cannot be overemphasized.  Our seminars are geared to instruct physicians through hands-on learning, then taking those experiences into the practical patient model for greater clinical outcomes. 

#2.     Hands-on Learning

              We live in a world of "on-line".  Everything from shopping to FaceTime to video gaming.  Even continuing education has recently gone on-line.  But our question is: How do you learn current sports field assessments or correctly instruct clinical rehabilitation through your computer screen?  How do you instruct someone to place an injured athlete on a spine board?  How do you learn proper post-surgical rehab techniques for a complete shoulder replacement?  The answer is you can't !  Even the American Red Cross knows that you cannot be proficient unless their is a "hands-on" component and this is why you must "perform" CPR training before you are certified.  All of our course offerings are "live" and contain hand-on portions.  We believe that you cannot learn proper sports management or rehabilitation without "hands-on" components.          

#3.     Relative Topics You Need To Know

              The world of sports and rehabilitation is changing at a rapid pace.  Some physicians believe that once you've graduated from college your education has ended.  We believe that it has just begun.  We are continually adding new and current topics allowing you to stay informed of today's fast paced changing profession.  Our topics are taught so you have relevant clinical information to present to your patient's immediately with great results after attending one of our seminars.  Chiropractic Sports and Rehab Seminars is committed to furthering your education now through obtaining your Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board starting with the rehab diplomate lecture series in the fall of 2017.